Live Release 1611/01

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File Uploader

- Shows username of person who uploaded file (dffef03)
- syntax fix on deleting files (0f6affa)
- Attached files are now showing in the attachment list (71ecde7)
- file size limit increased from 2MB to 10MB
- file validation

Questionaire Notes

- Lightbox made dragabble (0f6affa)
- Styling changes to notes lightbox (0f6affa)
- Fix to stop lightbox removing scrollbar on parent page (0f6affa)
- New notes not appended to lightbox note history as well as note history on parent page (0f6affa)
- Notes box autofocus's on lightbox open (f756366)

Subject Line encoding so that + and & characters work. (bbc4c96)
Fixed logic on Edit HTML wysiwig appearing/disappearing based on drop down selections. (bbc4c96)
Made questionaire answer address box readonly so they are forced to use the date selector. (bbc4c96)
Validation on CCV number (questionaire answer) added ((bbc4c96))


- change so fields are double inclosed with ' characters. (7eb45e5)
- fix so that qid and process description are correctly passed to job queue (0173cc1)

SMTP Authentication (af53250)

Pedro's emails replaced with mine (26f7a6a)
Fix for the to many redirects error
Fix for users being able to access the environment despite SP blocking access.