Live Release 1701/11

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Telemarketing Return changes

  • Field selection question added to form, and passed into SP
  • Help Bubbles Added
  • Formatting question converted to dropdown
  • Added versioning to SP (uSP_Create_TelemarketingReturnQueue_170113 - Reports controller - Line:2620
  • Client Note question styling fixed
  • Removed superfluous whitespace from Bubble blurbs
  • first_completed_calls, remove_unknowns, alt_answers checkboxe results now correctly being passed to SP
  • Snippet Help Bubbles temp hidden | Log added for telemarketing bubble result so can investigate why they aren't appearing
  • Fix for TM Return Render function so that instead of using hard coded field names for pagination, it looks up field names from temporary table (sp_columns) and uses if in default field name array (the previously hard coded field name array).
  • CSV and XLSX outputs now use SP (uSP_Select_TelemarketingReturnData) to lookup the data
  • "XSLX Output" button changed to "XLSX Output"
  • Performance Report changes

  • --Select All-- added to result set when looking up User Companies
  • user-company.php snippet changed to remove --Select All-- from dropdown when only single result (not really required as Kevin has already handled this in the SP)
  • jquery UserComp.change logic changed to handle "0" value (views\performance-report.php)
  • Added type override of 4 to the get_user_companies() call in reports.php controller (Line:1244)
  • Validation removed from User Company on performance-report.php view, as 0 value now relates to --select all-- option
  • Duplicate error popup fix

  • show_message call changed to use Pedro's revised call (show_message ({ title: "Connect-TCM<div style='display:none;'>invalid_search</div>", message: "Please write an Address ID<br>in the search box.", status: 'error' } );)
  • Change to $.notify properties (newest_on_top: true) -views\messaging.js (line:291)
  • Dupe popup fix applied to 'Create New Owner' button on Campaign Edit
  • AddressID search on inbound
  • Other

  • On the Process Queue list, when clicking 'Review' for failed report, error message now appears as popup message (currently only in place for Telemarketing Return, will require many code tweaks to controller reports.php for each of the render functions to work for other report types, import, exports etc...)