Live Release 170201

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  • call_marketo ajax script updated so that if API calls (getLead / getLeadByFilterType) return an error, the error message is displayed in a popup, and emailed to admin. (Line: 601 / Line: 684)
  • 'Sector_Role__c' removed from list of requested fields (Line: 579) (Field no longer exists in live Marketo db)
  • If no email returned in SP, use first entry in email_list (if one exists) (Line: 1129)
  • MarketoID cast to integer, checks changed to see if == 0 or > 0 instead of checking a blank string (Line: 595/675)
  • tblXMLCallLog calls added to getLead (ID) / getLeadByFilterType (Email) when they fail
  • Check added to make sure that marketo lookup based on email (getLeadByFilterType) only occurs if email exists in contact details
  • time_lapse calculation added to Marketo Email lookup
  • 170119_additional_contact -

  • Previous attempt completely removed, replaced with new solution.
  • Questionnaire function now always returns to calllist in all scenarios.
  • Creating additional contacts, and adding matches now writes to new calllist_queue variable in session (ajax_add_to_calllist_queue - calllist controller)
  • On Listings page load it now checks for contacts in the calllist_queue session variable, redirects if anything. And removes from contact from session
  • Fix for replacement contact window not closing correctly
  • Improved Error Handling, and added Error Logging
  • Improved Validation on Questionnaire loading -

  • At the start of loading the Questionnaire, new SP call to (uSP_IsQuestionnaireOKToUse)
  • Inbound now correctly passing 'In' paramater to SP
  • REV (review mode) now passed to uSP_IsQuestionnaireOKToUse when applicable
  • Improved Error Handling, and added Error Logging
  • XML details of the calllist queue passed into SP
  • Added check to see if Questionnaire button was clicked (On the Outbound Questionnaire and Call buttons - calllist.js (line:435/465))
  • Button click check also added to the dial_me telephone options
  • Other

  • Multiple popup fix for Operator removal on data-allocation page
  • Callback date on calllist_close_reasons snippet changed so that datepicker parent inputs are readonly to force user to use datepicker
  • TPS date values now format to Y-m-d across csv, xls, xlxs imports.
  • Fix for Excel Spreadsheet reader that was causing the dates to offset by 1 for xls import.
  • Numeric and Integer validation has been added to the Project Target values on the Campaign Wizard (fix added)
  • accidental debug line "alert('default');" removed.