Live Release 1703/08

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  • Searchable select added to address source dropdown on file import dedupe.
  • Data Allocation - Previously added fix of using "encodeURIComponent" to solve the problem of the filter buttons not generating (when the & character exists) had the unintended effect of passing through encoded white space to SP. XML now run through urldecode to remove encoded white space.
  • Change Password - Server side validation added to make sure they include their old password, error messages displayed to user updated.
  • Edit Question - Previous fix of using htmlspecialchars to encode the < and > characters had the unintended effect of breaking when trying to encode the £ character. Found a function online which only character converts the 5 characters that are required for XML to work < > & " !
  • versioning added back to uSP_Create_TelemarketingReturnQueue_170113
  • output_type added back as parameter for uSP_Create_TelemarketingReturnQueue_170113
  • Fix to stop robot calls (cron, cli, api) from being redirected to login page