Live Release 1704/27

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Capacity Scheduler

  • Close button added to note lightbox
  • Note lightbox size adjusted
  • Manage Users

  • Tooltips now initialising after using company dropdown
  • Validation improved on Planned Hours input (only accepts numeric, period, numpad period keycodes, backspace, numpad delete)
  • Validation for multiple decimal characters added
  • Data Allocation

  • Data Allocation scheduler tooltips mdae distinct from existing scheduler tooltips (scheduler_no_emails, scheduler_frequency_no_emails, scheduler_run_date_no_emails, scheduler_repeat_no_emails)
  • Type tooltip now wider
  • Other

  • Log Hours - Fix for loop. Using the new method of triggering the in system alert via the parent frame.
  • Change Contact Lightbox - Extra Data Descriptors now being used when present.
  • Extra Data Descriptors feeding through on additional contact creation