Release 006

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o RM/489 Data Import / data preview design issues

- the data preview when importing data occasionally did not display correctly

o RM/362 Data Imports / not all records are being imported for some files

- this was due to foreign characters not being interpreted correctly

o RM/309 Campaign Wizard review

- first phase of campaign wizard updates (campaign selection, N200 campaign selection)

o RM/366 User Setup / Archive User doesn't work

- bug fix

o RM/376 User Setup / Delete User doesn't work

- bug fix

o RM/508 User management

- code 'un-archive' functionality
- Send email to operator with login details when creating new user, un-archiving user or resetting password
- Filter default user list by company
- Capture and show success and failure messages of user creation/editing
- Implement temporary login expired option (currently set at 12 hours)
- Pre-fill "old password" on change password page for new/expired passwords when using the 'QuickLink'

o RM/511 Questionnaire / N200 validation

- check to determine whether a contact was already registered was failing when the contact didn't have a BadgeID

o RM/522 Questionnaire / Notes / Encode address id

- fix for notes saving incorrectly when the AddressID contains Diacritics (identified by FT)