Release 007

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o RM/525 / RM/548 Wizard / Q&A / New question & answer

- Resign of the 'add question' and 'add answer' interface

o RM/561 Questionnaire / Troubleshoot dashboard jump

- Troubleshooting questionnaire performance

o RM/544 Wizard / Q&A / Answers / Escalation Selector

- Fix for the escalation selector showing escalations from other questionnaires

o RM/551 Wizard / Q&A / Campaign Analysis Report set-up

- Updates to the target outcome etc selectors

o RM/552 Wizard / Q&A / Restrict Setup Options depending on answer type

- Restricting actions available for set up from non-multichoice question types

o RM/553 Wizard / Q&A / Handle new feed-back from saving and deleting Q&A

- New success/failure messaging system on adding, updating and deleting questions and answers

o RM/XXX N200 / Handle VIP Registrations

- New N200 coding - will now handle VIP registrations

o RM/585 N200 / Log response times

- Enhancements to N200 request/response logging - will now log the response times

o RM/586 Call list & Questionnaire / Show notes on top of page

- Campaign Notes were not available from the calling list or questionnaire. These are now shown by clicking the campaign/questionnaire name. Also enhanced by showing a breakdown of the operators data by country

o RM/587 Wizard / N200 Settings / Redesign

- redesign of the N200 setup section to make it less subject to operator error

o RM/527 Wizard / Q&A / Changes to question page

- Redesign of the Question sett up page, removing the question as a header and making the order more logical

o RM/528 Wizard / Main page

- minor design changes + added the QuestionnaireID to the 'copy questionnaire' selector

o RM/529 Wizard / Setup / Employee bonus settings

- restricting values to between 0 and 100 (numbers outside that range were generating an error)

o RM/530 Wizard / Campaign logging

- it is no longer possible to change the campaign allocated to a questionnaire

o RM/598 N200 / VIP code

- VIP handling.

o RM/597 N200 / Extra check for badge ids

- Multiple N200 registrations across questionnaires.