Release 010

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o RM/632 Data Management / Operator Allocation / Basic Version

- release of the basic data allocation page, including allocation by country and extradata fields (essential for Holly)

o RM/692 Wizard / Q&A / Document / Internal-External Mailserver

- Design change for Document page

o RM/627 Wizard / Q&A / Document page extra validation

- Check if page contains changes prior to leaving

o RM/628 Wizard / Q&A / Document design changes

- Q&A page header design changes

o RM/629 Wizard / Q&A / Filters

- Filter questionnaire dropdown by company

o RM/630 Wizard / Date formating

- Wizard Campaign Status date formating

o RM/631 Wizard / Q&A / Usability & Design changes

- Q&A pages layout changes according to usability requirements

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