Release 012

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o RM/662 Data export / Telemarketing return / i2i output

- i2i data export functionality

o RM/679 Data import / Status update / Report records affected

- Questionnaire Status Update queued jobs link to summary page

o RM/680 Data import / Status update / Default to outstanding

- Questionnaire Status Update imports default settings

o RM/681 Data allocation / Change company resets page

- Data allocation page company dropdown functionality

o RM/682 Wizard / Q&A / Documents / HTML Email attachements

- Documents HTML email attachments multiple improvements

o RM/689 Wizard / Q&A / Documents / Import company from answer

- Synchronize company between Answer page and Document page

o RM/690 Data export / Telemarketing return / Troubleshoot

- Verify TM Return output

o RM/683 Site / Dropdowns upgrade

- Change CSS class of dropdowns site wide

o RM/684 Data export / Telemarketing return / UBM output

- UBM data export functionality

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