Release 016

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o RM/747 Data allocation / Change ED operator to dropdown

- Add logical operator for ED data allocation.

o RM/748 Data export / Telemarketing return / i2i output / ED boxes to radios

- Interface change. Replace boxes with selection butons.

o RM/740 Wizard / Campaign details / Add Calling List Display

- New interface for calling list display.

o RM/772 Data export / Telemarketing return / i2i output / Validation rules

- Validation related to lastest changes.

o RM/752 Login / Prevent remembering login details

- Prevent browser to remember login details.

o RM/634 Logging system upgrade

- Major logging system update.

o RM/798 Wizard / Notes & Objectives / Remove text limit

- Text limits removed from Notes/Objectives

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