Release 1508/001

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1. New feature - Automated Bulk TPS update

  • A option is now available to refresh overnight the TPS statuses of contacts in questionnaires requiring TPS, where the TPS status has expired.

2. New feature - TPS check on data import

  • A option is now available to TPS check data as it is being importing into Connect.

3. Improvement - On-line TPS check error handling upgrade

  • TPS calls to the remote service now support full error handling codes

4. Improvement - Campaign Wizard Validation

  • The operator messaging in the Campaign Wizard has been upgraded

5. Fix - Closing questionnaires on the finishing reasons page

  • Closing questionnaire process improvement to handle exceptions from the finishing reasons page

6. Improvement - Escalations error handling

  • Improved validation and messaging on sending escalations

7. New feature - Help system

  • User configurable help system with 'new release' info page which displays once to the operator and help bubble administration.

8. Improvement - Import Field Matching Upgrade

  • Additional fields have been included in the import field automated matching process

9. System - Environment variables support

  • Handling environment variables have been rewritten to support TPS and the new staging web server