Staging Release 1611/02

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Wallboard campaign allocation -

  • Company select added to Wallboard allocation
  • Description concats if to long and is visible on mouse over
  • Campaign lookup now uses both user_id and company_id
  • Allocate All button added
  • Help Bubbles added -
  • Data Control (Archive | Unarchive | Delete) -

  • Permission check added for both menu and page load
  • Help Bubbles added -
  • Marketo

  • Dedupe on email / firstname / lastname added
  • Dedupe based on firstname initial added
  • Other

  • Contact notes changed back to 14px
  • TPS optimisation added -
  • Autofocus added to contact-notes.php
  • New Campaign Go button disables on page submit (to avoid double clicks)
  • Searchable selects added to - Data Control (campaigns), Campaign Allocation (operators,campaigns), Questionnaire Snippet, Import File (operators, campaigns), Inbound Telemarketing, New Campaign Wizard (copy questionnaire)
  • Changed width's of N200 dropdowns (wizard_step_22.php)
  • Questionnaire dropdown now searchable on Outbound page
  • Changed dropdown answer lookup to work off $answer_detail_value['Answer'] instead of $answer_detail_value['AnswerCode'] - Callist.php Line: 2732 & 2756
  • Paramaterised inserts not working for N200 import, reverted to non paramaterised as a temp fix
  • Searchable selects added to - Address Source (data import), Questionnaire select (data import dedupe)
  • Fix for form action that was causing the user to accidentally load data when trying to navigate to the dedupe page
  • Searchable select added to - User (data allocation)
  • Fix for dropdowns changing size on questionnaire answer setup