Staging Release 1612/14

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Marketo -

  • Demographics now pulled from Connect, looped through and populated into Marketo
  • Fix added for handling single demographic result sets
  • Question Duplication -

  • Questions can now be duplicated
  • Collapsible table column added to question setup page which contains the Delete / Copy buttons
  • After question duplication page should anchor back to copied question
  • Collapsible table column remains open after question copy
  • The initial hiding of the column is now done with css instead of javascript.
  • Other

  • Fix for dropdowns changing size on setup answer page
  • Searchable dropdown added to data allocation page (user select)
  • searchable dropdown added to company on new campaign wizard
  • Fix for Import Data page (Load Data and Dedupe data should now be redirecting correctly)
  • Email only triggers ajax update when changed - Contact Details Lightbox